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Types of Ammunition

Ammunition falls into two basic categories – target/practice ammunition, and self defense ammunition. There are several different varieties within those two categories, and which variety you use will depend mostly on how well the firearm operates with the ammunition in question, and how well the ammunition performs for its intended purpose. Ammunition types, and their typical uses are discussed below.


Target/Practice Ammunition

Commonly referred to as "Ball" or "Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)." As the category implies, this ammunition is designed for use when practicing or target shooting only. It is not designed, nor is it recommended for self-defense, as the projectile is not designed to expand upon impact. This can not only make the ammunition less effective against an attacker, it also significantly increases the possibility of over-penetration when used for self defense purposes. This can result in damging property and/or wounding or killing innocent bystanders. Firearms owners should take all reasonable measures to avoid the use of target/practice ammunition for self defense purposes.

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Common Hollow Point Ammunition

The most common type of self defense ammunition is some type of hollow point ammunition. Commonly referrred to as "hollow points" or "jacketed hollow points (JHP)." Hollow point ammunition is designed to expand upon impact, which causes most of the projectile's energy to be transferred to the target. This energy transfer is what causes the trauma that helps to incapacitate an attacker.

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Non-traditional self defense ammunition

Modern Defensive Ammunition

While JHP ammunition is the most common variety of self-defense used ammo, advancements in technology and improvements in production techniques have seen increased popularity of several other varieties of ammunition for self-defense. However, some manufacturers make some wildly exagerrated claims regarding how effective their ammunition is. Do your research, and avoid the manufacturers that cannot provide independently verified ballistic testing results.

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